Android FRP: Everything you need to know

Factory reset protection (FRP) is Android security that prevents your phone from unauthorized access. Google added the FRP feature in the Android lollipop which aimed to strengthen the security of your device.

All brands including Samsung, Google Pixel, ZTE, Alcatel, LG, Sony have implemented the Google FRP into their devices, meaning whenever a phone associated with a Google account is hard reset without user permission will ask for Google account credentials to get access back to the device.

What is & How Google FRP Lock Works?

Android 5.1 Lolipop added the activation lock which aims to prevent your personal data including photos, text messages, photos & credit cards information from unwanted access. When you add a Google account to your device, the FRP lock is automatically activated.

Android phone or tablet with a Google lock enabled will not be easy to access if you have a simple pattern or pin lock. The only option is to hard reset it using Android recovery. After hard resetting, the lock is triggered and the device will ask for a Google account that was previously synced with the device.

How to Avoid Getting FRP Security Triggered?

It is really simple, all you’ve to do is simply remove the Google account from your phone before you try to hard reset it. You can find the associated accounts in Android Settings app > Accounts and backup > Accounts. There you’ll get a list of all the accounts on your device including Twitter, Facebook, Google & Samsung accounts.

Also, it is good to note down your Google or Samsung account in a diary or notepad in case you forget it later.

Additionally, if you reset your phone from Settings it will not trigger the Google lock screen.

How do I Disable/Bypass Google FRP Lock?

The process of disabling the Google FRP lock is complicated, however, there are a number of free bypass guides to remove Google account after factory reset. We also have our skilled certified technicians that can unlock your Samsung device within 5 mins, however, it comes with a price. If you want to enjoy a 10% off discount for your first unlock.

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