removing google account from Samsung Galaxy S9

What is FRP Lock?

Factory reset protection (FRP) is Android security that prevents your phone from unauthorized access. Google added the FRP feature in the Android lollipop which aimed to strengthen the security of your device.

All brands including Samsung, Google Pixel, ZTE, Alcatel, LG, Oppo, and Sony have implemented FRP security into their devices, meaning whenever an Android device with FRP lock enabled is hard reset without the owner’s permission will trigger FRP lock and will ask for Google account credentials to get access back to the device as shown in the screenshot below:

How to Enable FRP Lock on Android

It is a straightforward process, when you add a Google account to an Android device, FRP lock is automatically enabled. To find out if your phone has FRP lock ON/OFF, you can simply reboot your phone to download mode (Volume down+Power) keys are usually used on Samsung and other Android smartphones & tablets.

From there you can easily find out about the lock status.

How to Turn Off FRP Lock

Turning FRP lock is also simple, just go to Android Settings app > Accounts and backup > Accounts. There you’ll get a list of all the accounts on your device including Twitter, Facebook, Google & Samsung accounts. You need to tap on Google and remove the Google account from the list.

removing google account from Samsung Galaxy S9


When the Google account is removed, the FRP lock is removed from your device. You can now wipe data factory reset your phone. It will not trigger the lock.

Also when your device is factory reset from phone settings it will not trigger the security but when you do it from recovery mode, it will trigger the lock if you haven’t already removed the account from phone settings.

How to Bypass Google FRP Lock?

To Bypass the Google account from any Android is not easy at all, though it may seem to you after watching a YouTube tutorial or reading a guide.

In reality, it is quite a complicated process. Android is releasing a security patch level each month depending on your device. What it does is patch all the loopholes that were used in the past to bypass Google account (the one you see in tutorials may not work now).

But still, in order to remove Google lock, you need to access the chrome browser on your FRP-locked device and download the bypass applications to disable Google Play services and add a new Google account.

So it is not a piece of cake to bypass FRP on your Android device. You need time to find the Android version & binary installed on the device. Then you need to try different bypass methods to try one by one if one does not work.

If you don’t have the skills & time how to research to find a working bypass method for your phone then it is literally impossible to FRP unlock your phone. Because as I said in the beginning, Google is releasing security updates each month to fix the loopholes.

So a method you see in a guide/ tutorial might be not working for you and you’ve to find the latest bypass method to make it work if there is any available. Don’t get wrong, you can still bypass it, always you’ve got a 70% chance to bypass it if you give it enough time and have the skills to find a working bypass method. There are a number of bypass tools such as FRP Bypass APK & unlock tools that can help you unlock your phone.

I hope you find this guide useful. Let me know in the comment section if you’ve any questions.

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